Furniture: The Advantages Of Reclaimed Wood

reclaimed wood table-set-2

What can be better then gorgeous furniture where you know that it is made with an eye on preserving our fragile environment?

On the forefront of those furniture makers that care for our environment are the British designers at Mac+Wood.

reclaimed woodNo tree is harmed for their absolutely gorgeous bespoke custom dining tables and benches.

Each and every piece of their creations is made with hand-select, aged wood timbers.

Not only are Mac+Wood’s designs environmentally friendly, they are moreover masterpieces of the modern British craft furniture making.

The reclaimed wood used in their creations gives the reclaimed wood dining table and bespoke benches a very unique rustic look. The wood radiates a liveliness and warmth unlike anything that can be had with another material. Combine this with the style of brushed steel and what you get are eye-catching furniture masterpieces without precedence.

UK Retailers Under Strain Due To High Christmas Shopping Demand

debenhamsBlack Friday and this week’s “Manic Monday” had been the official start for the Christmas shopping season but retailers in the UK are already struggling to keep up with high demand.

Shoppers in the UK are expected to spend £700m this “Cyber Monday” on online retail websites alone. The increased demand is now putting serious strain on web operations that not all retailers in the nation can handle.

One example for a British retailer that struggles to keep up with the current shopping craze is Debenhams but this retailer is just one of the many who are now under pressure in the Christmas shopping season.

This past Black Friday an estimated £810 million was spent online, exceeding industry experts expectations by a staggering 50%. Those predicted instead that “Manic Monday” would be the year’s biggest online shopping day.

Due to this miscalculation, retailers in the nation including big names such as Tesco are now still trying to clear backlog orders. Other retailers, such as the aforementioned Debenhams are forced to notify their customers about expected delays.

Angry shoppers are now storming various social media where they complain about  unfulfilled orders and long waiting times. Some of the shoppers have been waiting for more than a week.