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What Makes a Good Therapist?

CBT-2Finding a good therapist isn’t always easy.

There are several things that you can look for in a therapist, but the problem can be that you don’t always have a choice especially if you get a therapist from the NHS.

The most important thing that you should be looking at in the therapist is of course whether he or she is qualified. Obviously, you don’t want a therapist doesn’t even have the experience to help you with your problems.  In the United Kingdom there is the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists (BABCP) which offers accreditation for Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapists and trainers in United Kingdom. So, make sure that you choose a CBT therapist who is a BABCP accredited so you can know that they are adequately qualified.

Secondly, this is an issue if you’re getting a therapist from the NHS, but only can you not know whether they are accredited are not, there can also be other problems. One of them is that a NHS therapist will likely require you that you accommodate to their schedule, and not the other way around. This can be bad if you are working or if you have kids to take care of as you may be required to take time off for your sessions. If you go with a private CBT therapist London instead, you can normally also choose hours for your therapy sessions which can be a big benefit. Likewise, if the NHS would refer a therapist to you when you will require a lengthy travel to go to the sessions, you are normally out of luck as well. This is different when you choose a private therapists since chances are good that you’ll might find one that is closer to you.

The above things may seem not like big issues at first, but you need to consider that CBT therapy is often requiring many sessions, sometimes several per week. If there is lengthy travel involved and the session hours for your sessions are not as great either, this can be a big problem. With a private therapist, your entire therapy may go much smoother!

Dry Riser Testing For Increased Fire Safety

If you happen to be a business owner in the United Kingdom, you will have to follow the British fire regulations. One of those regulations is that certain commercial structures, once they exceed a height of 18m must have what’s called a “dry riser system”.

What is a dry riser system?

dry-riser-inletSimply spoken, a dry riser is a system of numerous pipes, water inlets and outlets that are distributed throughout a building.

The dry riser’s purpose is that the fire brigade can connect a hose to one of the water inlets  in case of a fire so that water for fighting the fire will be available at the particular outlets in the building.

The system is called “dry” riser system since the pipes are normally empty, unlike sprinkler  pipes or similar systems.

What’s important to know about dry riser systems in the United Kingdom is that they will require regular tests and maintenance for their proper function. This is done by fire safety professionals. In many cases, this maintenance may be performed by the same company that installed the dry riser system.

Not following the British fire codes and regulations can have negative consequences for any property owner or landlord. Depending on the severity of the violation, a business could lose its license or at least face steep fines. It is for that reason always recommended that business owners and landlords in the United Kingdom get familiar with the current fire regulations for their particular location.